Delicious Meal Replacement Shakes: FIXX


Fixx with 24K Chocolate !

FIXX® is a delicious, 24-Karat Chocolate™ cocoa, whey-protein energy shake, made with the highest quality, “clean” ingredients to provide the energy you need to reach new heights. Along with antioxidants,vitamins, minerals and probiotics, Fixx supplies 11g of protein per serving, and a kick of guarana for a natural energy boost so that you can start your day off right by getting your daily Fixx.

FIXX comes in convenient single-serving packets. Simply add water or milk and enjoy! Perfect taste! Perfect low-glycemic nutrition! Perfect 24 Karat Chocolate taste!

Your body naturally craves what it needs to be healthy. 

Take a look at the ingredients to see the wonderful things you’re doing for your body by taking FIXX. The best news is that FIXX is a complete meal replacement, so use it as you see fit, for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a healthy snack between meals.

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contains marine phytoplankton & healthy ingredients using trans armor technology for optimum nutrient absorption
are an ultra-thin U.S. FDA-listed Class 1 medical device that adheres to your skin to provide temporary relief of minor aches and pains.
The formula in Prodigy-5™ is designed to help maintain eye health by providing specific nutrients recommended by two of the most important scientific eye-studies.
Fixx is a delicious meal replacement shakes by ForeverGreen. Replace a meal or even as a yummy and healthy snack!